It’s not getting acclaimed personally, but bringing a sense of pride to every Tamilian and of course to every Indian indeed.  To hear such amazing testimonials from the makers of ‘Avengers’ that they were inspired by ‘Endhiran’ to craft the climax was something phenomenal. Lets pull this off straight. Yeah! We at Thandora Times bring you 25 amazing things about our ‘Birthday Baby’ director Shankar, who is the pride of our country now. 

1. Shankar’s mother saw Sivaji Ganesan’s classic movie ‘Kungumam’ and was fascinated with his screen name – SHANKAR. She made an affirmation that in case of a son born to her, he will be named the same.

2. Shankar’s desire was to become an actor,  but destiny had some other plans for him. Even now, he tries to make an appearance of shorter duration in some of his films.

3. Director Shankar can very well mimic the voice of Late veteran TMS, where you wouldn’t be able to distinguish it when he sings. 

4. Shankar is very much health conscious and would often workout, especially with the treadmill in his house. In fact, he would often keep asking his close friend-director Balaji Sakthi, if he has an overweighed belly.

5. Shankar makes sure that his children don’t get any impact of his cinematic journey. He encourages them into different fields and has been shaping their future in their own interests. 

6. Shankar’s favourite dish is ‘Fish’ and he is fond of the food prepared at Madurai Konar Mess. 

7. Shankar doesn’t prefer wearing ornaments. The only thing you can spot him wearing is the diamond studded platinum ring that his wife gifted. 

8. Before getting into the film industry, Shankar was working in a private company and was imprisoned for 3 days due to his union activity protest along with others. 

9. Shankar’s movies might be racy, but he is a calm and composed person, especially when it comes to driving his car. He maintains a dead slow speed and even taking a reverse will take 15 minutes.  

10. Shankar was a regular smoker and quit it suddenly during the shoot of ‘Boys’, which has been a surprise to many around him including Superstar Rajinikanth, who would ask him the secret earlier. 

11. Shankar is a globe-trotter, who keeps visiting various foreign countries. Do you know what his first action after landing there is?  He would call up his wife and inform about the place he stays. 

12. Shankar’s personal costumer is none other than his wife. He never goes shopping and it’s his wife who selects the dresses for him. 

13. Shankar’s dream project is a soft and low budget ‘Azhagiya Kuyile’, which still remains as bounded script. Whenever, he wants to get it materialized, a big budgeted offer would knock his doors. 

14. Shankar isn’t a staunch believer of astrology, good and bad luck. The only rituality he follows is visiting the temple along with family. 

15. Shankar has been a dedicated filmmaker and doesn’t compromise on anything for personal sake. A neighbor to Suriya and assistant director to Vijay’s father SA Chandrashekar didn’t make him their choices at an ease. 

16. Shankar is Mr. Punctuality and has never been late to the sets from the Day 1 of his directorial journey. 

17. Shankar’s next line up of movies reportedly includes a musical subject and an underwater-thriller made on par with International standards. 

18. Shankar has learnt the Carnatic music formally and this interest popped up during the shoot of Anniyan. 

19. You can never spot Shankar chit-chatting or wasting his time at the shooting spot nor does anyone as he is a task master. 

20. Shankar never gets angry or upset on the sets. In case of being so, he would walk out of the sets for a while and comeback with coolness. 

21. Shankar was the first one to introduce monthly salary for assistant directors and even provided them with two wheelers. Till then, assistant directors had unstable remuneration. 

22. Shankar’s all time favourite movie is ‘Children of Heaven’ and he keeps watching it over and again even now. 

23. Shankar is a vigorous collector of wrist watches and takes intense care of them even while placing them on his table. 

24. He spends his birthday with his children alone and he believes it be the biggest gift. 

25. AR Rahman kept insisting Shankar to sing a song and finally Shankar crooned just the lines ‘Petta Rap’ in Kadhalan.