Thandora Breaking – STR's silent work mode for MUFTI remake

It regularly happens that STR is always blamed for any delays or the projects being dropped. Now it is being said the same for his upcoming film, which is a remake of super hit Kannada movie ‘MUFTI’, which features him alongside Gautham Karthik in lead role… While there are hearsays claiming that he has taken  break from the shoot and is seen holidaying in abroad countries, the producer of this film, K.E. Gnanavel Raja remains silent. The actual reason is that STR has completed 90% of the shooting for this movie. He had given a call sheet of 40 days for this film among which only 10 more days are pending. Gautham Karthik’s schedule comprises of 90 days and his portions are being filmed now. This is the reason, why STR is maintaining the same bearded look as well.

Now STR proves that visual might be deceptive, isn’t it?