Thandora Breaking – Jyotika’s son has trouble in Karthi’s movie

The entire family of Suriya is loaded with myriad projects and they’re relentlessly exerting their energy in multiple ones. While we have already cited about Suriya’s jam-packed calendar in our other news, his wife Jyotika and younger brother Karthi are laden with handful of projects too. More than all, both of them sharing the screen space together in a film has created huge anticipations. The film is directed by Jeethu Joseph and is produced by Jyotika’s younger brother Siraj.

According to the inside reports, the story is actually set against the backdrops of a family, where Karthi is a conman and Jyotika happens to be his elder sister. Sathyaraj happens to be their father Super Deluxe movie fame Aswath will be playing Jyotika’s son. The major twist in the tale actually occurs with a terrible impact caused through this little boy.