Thala Ajith's brother-in-law: Trailer to hit the screen

Thala Ajithi's brother-in-law, Richard Rishi's 'Draupati' trailer to hit the screen by tomorrow.
Draupati was directed by G. Mohan the director of Pazhaya Vannarapettai movie which received huge critics and audience alike.Mohan reveals, “The film is titled Draupadi. In the Mahabharata, Draupadi takes an oath and the Pandavas leave no stone unturned to fulfill it. In the film, the hero goes any depth to fulfill a promise by his beloved. The plot is inspired by a fake marriage cartel which was uncovered in Chennai in 2013 where around 3,500 fake weddings were registered in the city. Weddings were solemnised even without the physical presence of the groom and the bride, and certificates were issued. I first read about it in an article in The Times of India. I soon began doing the groundwork for the film.
”Draupadi has Richard Rishi and Sheela Rajkumar playing the leads and has music by Jubin.Draupati is the first film in India to be produced with the full public funds. It is also a film on a true story.