Thala Ajith Kumar - Trolled for Red-Citizen & praised after 18 years for same

Ajith Kumar has been someone, who doesn’t just go by the routine process of success, but has managed to recreate some tremendous works that actually replaced the yesteryear mediocre works. Say for instance, in 2001, we came across the film ‘Citizen’, where his courtroom scene was appreciated. But at the same time, was slightly trolled and mimicked in many occasions.

Apparently, ‘Red’ that was released during the following year too had a similar issue, where his close-to-tonsured hairstyle didn’t get a proper recognition. Many in the industry even told that Ajith Kumar didn’t wanted to take up ‘Mirattal’ (later renamed as ‘Ghajini’ with Suriya in lead role) since it demanded the same hairstyle.

However, the actor recreated a box office historic record with the same ‘Vedalam’, where he exhibited the same hairstyle. On the other hand, getting back to ‘Citizen’, we find that the same actor within courtroom created sensational reception for his act in ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’.