TFAPA begins operations today

TAMIL FILM ACTIVE PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION (TFAPA) formed by legendary Director and Producer Bharathirajaa has announced the commencement of its operation from today with the formal launch of their comprehensive website, a FIRST among all Film Industry trade bodies operating in Tamil Cinema. Though Tamil Cinema is over 100 years old, it is the first time a new trade association commences its operation with the launch of its website, which outlines all its objectives, goals, member services and all other details of its activities for the benefit of its members.

The website offers even the application form online for aspiring members to download, in addition to various other services.The newly launched website is also planning to upload the details of films released since 1931 for the benefit of its members so that members can go through the entire list online, check for any title and apply for them, knowing the Producer details. The website shall also collect the titles registered in other Film trade associations and list them so that their members can select only titles which are free and available. Such titles can be registered Online through the website is the facility TFAPA is planning to offer soon.

Since the announcement of its launch on 3rd August 2020, TFAPA has taken up the request to allow the shooting with Tamil Nadu State Government twice and with the clearance by Government of India for shootings on August 23, we are expecting the approval anytime soon from the State Government. TFAPA is also taking up a few more important issues before the Tamil film industry with the Central and TN Government for immediate action.