Suspected Naxalite arrested in Chennai

The Chennai city police are enquiring a person who claimed as a Naxalite and arrested from Nelson Manickam Road at Aminjikarai. The suspect Gandharba Das worked as a housekeeper at a private hospital at Nelson Manickam Road. He is a native of Siliguri, Assam. Recently, he was involved in a brawl with other employees from North India and he shouted at them saying he was a Naxalite and they should not mess with him.

His co-workers were shocked on hearing this and reported the matter to the security supervisor who happens to be a retired police officer. When he was inquiring about the matter with Das, he threatened the security officer claiming that he is a militant. The security officer alerted the city police. A team from the Anna Nagar police nabbed Das from his residence in Aminjikarai.