Suriya’s great-hearted gesture for Vijay Sethupathi in Kaappaan

Actor Suriya is known for his congenial nature and has been sharing a wonderful bonding with everyone in the industry. The actor also never misses to use the references of other actors in his movies. In Kaappaan, there is a particular scene, where Suriya’s friend Samuthirakani and his wife (Poorna) celebrate their wedding anniversary. Everyone asks the couple to enact the proposal drama. Apparently, Poorna holds embracing a magazine like that day of having an academic book. The magazine has Vijay Sethupathi’s image on the cover and Samuthirakani just pulls it off saying, “Ivan vera Pombalainga Manasula Poi Ukkaandhukuraan” (He always holds a position in every woman’s heart). 

The entire theatre went excited hearing this dialogue and moreover they all felt the great hearted gesture of Suriya for appreciating an actor who is junior to him.