Superstar Rajinikanth’s surprise connect with ‘Marriage’ formulae in movies

Superstar for a reason! Thalaivar Rajinikanth isn’t acclaimed as Superstar for just his punch dialogues and style, but there are few things that remains so much inherent that makes his lovable star of family audiences. One among them is marriage songs in his movies, which are highly celebrated beyond movies as they are still played and performed by orchestra groups during marriage ceremonies. 

Raajathi Raja - Maama Un Ponna Kodu

This happens to be the anthem of many youngsters during 90s. It was almost like a love song that was used by them to get approval from the girlfriend’s fathers. 

Siva - Ada Maapillai

This happens to be yet another highlighting trait of marriage song during the 80s. The song has the complete trademark style of Rajinikanth. 

Panakkaran - Nooru Varusham

Even today, this song happens to be the intriguing part of marriage ceremonies. The song has so much of inspiring messages for the newlywed couple on how they should lead their lives. 

Arunachalam - Mathadu Mathadu

This is a marriage song that has so much of fun and amusement, which is based on the concept of riddle games that is played between men and women. 

Chandramukhi - Annanoda Pattu

This song is set against the backdrops of an important sequence in Chandramukhi, which is  pre-climax one. The song yet again brings up some good messages for Rajinikanth fans,
especially for the newlywed ones. 

Petta - Kalyanam 

This year release ‘Petta’ directed by Karthik Subbaraj had the trademark factor of Rajinikanth by having a marriage song.