Superstar Rajinikanth's accident, nervous problem and how he struck back

Today, some of the kids might be making fun or spoofing Superstar Rajinikanth for his political embarkation. But guess what? He is still No.1 in World Box Office without the traders involved in his movie business not faking the counts. Yes, he is a superstar for a reason. During his peak period around 80s, he used to work in 21 movies in a year. He even met with an accident as he slept while riding his bike. With constant work, he was prone to nervous problem.

Rajinikanth himself had admitted that while shooting for a dance sequence in Marina Beach during that period, a bystander commented, “Look at that Mental dancing”. It was Late Veteran actress Manorama, who got infuriated and even stepped ahead to slap that person. Having come across so many hurdles, we see Rajinikanth as the most established superstar.

His hard work, dedication, will power, sincerity and inspiring messages from his own experience are the biggest emblem of his success.

Famous quotes

1. Take work seriously, but never life. 
2. Never-ever make yourself go into hospital. Your life will never be the same. Please take care of  your health cautiously before you’re prone to some serious issues. 
3. A man and woman are labeled as ‘Most Successful’ when their children are doing well in all aspects of life. 
4. I am telling this out of my own experience. Please don’t smoke.
5. Every feeling carries a weight. Be it happiness or sadness. So better focus on what keeps you happy.