Superhit Friday : When Simbu spelt success with Kovil

We all knew Simbu aka STR as a child artiste who played heroic acts in several films of T Rajendhar. Almost all his films were hits then. Time came and he made his debut as hero again introduced by his dad TR. Came Kadhal Azhivadhillai in 2002 and arrived a new hero to Tamil cinema.

But what followed were a series of films in which Simbu tried action roles, mass hero image with style mannerisms. His use of finger earned him the tag viral ( Finger)Nadigar.But thanks to director Hari a change happened.

Simbu started in his film Kovil opposite Sonia Agarwal. It was as typical Hari film loaded with romance, comedy and family emotions.Simbu played a youngster who was subtle in his expressions. He was simple and played not next door. It brought out the different actor in him.

The success took him more close to women audience. Kovil marked a transformation as actor and no doubt his fans still adore and admire his performance on kovil.