Superhit Friday : A straight hit from Amala Paul's bat

Today in Superhit Friday, lets take a look a movie that made it big against few biggies. Even a small movie with a good content can make it big. And it was proved with Mynaa's success. Made in 2010 by Prabhu Solomon, it was a small film considering that it featured lesser known Amala Paul then. Viddharth, who had acted in small roles before made his debut as hero.

There was Thambi Ramiah and Suzane. However the real hero was D Imman. The major highlight was hit songs including Mynaa, Neeyum Nanum, Kaiya Pudi among others. Shot in hill terrains of rural Tamilnadu, the movie spoke of a love-lorn youth who escapes from jail for his beloved. Two policemen goes in search of him before Deepavali night. They end up finding the couple and bring them back to town.

Their journey experience is what the movie is all about. It was a crisply made movie and Amala Paul's instant emotions and cool performance, Viddharth's vibrant show made it a success. And don't forget Thambi Ramiah won National award for best supporting actor. The movie fought against biggies like Dhanush's Uthamaputhiran, Arjun's Vallakottai on the same day. Prabhu Solomon emerged the winner and arrived Amala Paul and Viddharth to cinema. On a day when Aadai is releasing, Amala Paul's success in Mynaa can never be forgotten.