SRK Birthday special – Hating daughter’s boyfriend, Rowdy Baby moment and selling camera to meet his wife

Of course, let any Khan or Kumar claim themselves to be No.1, Shahrukh Khan will forever remain as the charming superstar of universal audiences. Today as the actor celebrates his birthday, we bring you something more interesting, which is quite emotional and fun-filled indeed. 

“I want to live a long life” – SRK 

Losing his parents at the age of 15, SRK has always been firm about living a long life. It’s all for the sake of his children. He says, “I want to live a very long long life and just them for my children. I missed my parents at the early stage of my life and I want to fulfill it through a long life.” 

“My father is a successful failure”

While interacting with one of the leading personalities, Shahrukh Khan admitted that his father was a sincere and honest man, henceforth a successful failure. 

A Master chef on the way!!! 

Guess what? Shahrukh Khan has now become the most desired chef at his home. He has now started learning to cook some delicious dishes. “I go to sleep only 5 a.m. and so I keep hitting kitchen with new dishes. Of course, my children come back home late and I am there to prepare food for them.” 

Hate daughter’s boyfriend 

On speaking about this, SRK says, “Yes, I do prepare food for them when they come home although I hate her boyfriend and want to punch on his face.” A jocular yet factual statement. 

Selling video camera for auto rickshaw fare to meet his girlfriend and now wife 

During his youth days, SRK was in love with Gauri and she left him just like Suriya-Sameera train sequence in ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’ and just as the protagonist goes in search of his girlfriend to USA, so was SRK and his ‘C-Gang’, who came to Mumbai travelling all the way in Mumbai. The only clue he had was his girlfriend Gauri was a swimmer and he thought she will be there in one among the beaches. Of course, they even sold the video camera for the sake of paying auto rickshaw tariff. Finally, Gauri wasn’t swimming anywhere in the beach, but was there by the shore and he was surprised by that sight. 

Rowdy Baby Shahrukh 

Once a journalist wrote baseless rumour about him and guess what happened? SRK became a ‘Rowdy Baby’ and just expressed his anger in such a way that he was jailed for a day. But nothing stopped him. As soon as he got bail, he just went again to the premise of that particular journalist, where the latter saw SRK through the window. SRK lit up the cigarette asking matches from the cop who were there outside for security and then left the spot.