Srirangam Temple was filled with thousands of pilgrimage on Vaikunta Ekadasi

The festival, which commenced at Srirangam temple on December 26, concludes on January 16 with Nammazhwar MokshamThe temple town of Srirangam was soaked in religious fervour as thousands of devotees thronged the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple and offered worship to Lord Namperumal on the occasion of Vaikunta Ekadasi on Monday.

The main event of the Vaikunda Ekadasi festival -- the opening of the Paramapada Vaasal, was held early in the day. The processional deity Namperumal, attired in a Ratnangi (gem-studded armour) exited through Parama padavaasal followed by milling crowds of devotees, chanting ranga, ranga and govinda, govinda.