Spoiled fishes were seized from the fish markets in Coimbatore districts

Complaints were made that traders ware selling spoiled fish in the barrel to the public in the fish markets of Coimbatore district.

Subsequently, on the orders of the District Food Safety Officer Thamilchelvan, 4 teams were formed to conduct inspections at the fish markets around the district along with the Fisheries Department.

The team was actively testing fish markets throughout the district.

Food Security Officers and Fisheries officials raided the food and beverage department at the wholesale and retail fish market in Ukkadam.

Officers seized 510 kg of fish, including 70 kg of theFormalin mixed fish barrel and 430 kg of spoiled fish, from the fish market. They then destroyed the confiscated fish.

Officers led by Tamil Nadu Fisheries Officer Subramaniam and Tirupur District Food Security Officer Vijaya Lalitambigai seized the spoiled fish at the fish market in Tirupur Thennampalayam.
They examined the fishes which were brought in the truck from other states. Also, the searched for chemicals mixed with fish stored in stores? Are spoiled fish being sold? Officials also confiscated 20 kg of spoiled fish.

Then they warned the shopkeepers and wholesalers that they should not sell spoiled and chemical mixed fish to the public, if such a sale was found then, serious action would be taken.