Special Trivia - When North Indians celebrated ‘Thala’ Deepavali in Sathyam Cinemas

Time and again, few things occur in a surprising manner and it comes unheralded. Everyone knows about the fan base of Ajith Kumar across Tamil Nadu is so strong, but how many of us knew, even the North Indians are so much addicted to his style. Well, this isn’t something that happened recently, but for the release of ‘Attagaasam’, which had hit screens on the festive occasion of Diwali.

It was few days after the release date and an ordinary weekday evening show, where the entire theatre was jam packed. It all happened when it was time for “Thala Deepavali” song and to everyone’s surprise some of the North Indians got crazy and started dancing. Of course, the fan base has now increased to a greater extent, where the song ‘Aaluma Doluma’ and the entire movie ‘Vedalam’ was hugely celebrated in North Indian territories too.