Special prayers across temples for Aadi Pooram today

Today Aadi Pooram is celebrated, which is considered the birth day of Goddess Aandal. The devotees offer special prayers across temples today with full dedication to lead a happy and prosperous life. At all Vaishnavite temples across Tamilnadu. today Aadi Pooram is celebrated in a big way. Aadi Pooram is observed as the festival of Valaikappu. In the event, glass bangles are offered to Goddess Aandal and then distributed among all devotees.

It is believed that by wearing these bangles, the couples will be blessed with off spring and also when pregnant women wear these bangles, it shields their child from all the evil forces. At Srivillputhur Aandal koil, celestial wedding is being performed to Aandal. Devotees come from various parts of State to offer prayers on this day.