Special prayer in temple for rains

Vedic hymns to propitiate the rain God are set to reverberate in major temples across Tamilnadu soon with a desperate government turning to the divine power for overcoming acute water scarcity faced in several parts of the State. The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department (HR and CE), which administers over 44,000 temples in the State, has asked officials of important shrines to conduct special 'yagams' among other rituals for pleasing Lord Varuna, the God of rains.

'It has been decided by the HR and CE to perform yagam in important temples that come under the department hoping for bountiful rains during monsoons in the year 2019-20,' a circular issued to authorities of the shrines said. Besides, the temples have also been asked to organise musicians to play 'ragas' such as 'Amrithavarshini', divine ragas in Carnatic music that are said to bring showers when played. Prayers should be offered to divine bull Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva, by placing the idol in water, the circular issued by HR and CE Commissioner Phanindra Reddy said.