Some of the unusual treatments for coronavirus that have gone viral

There is currently no cure for the novel coronavirus, but researchers are working incredibly hard to find a vaccine for a highly dangerous virus.

The deadly outbreak claimed more than 426 lives in China and also affected the state of Kerala in India. On Monday, so many as 3,235 new cases have been confirmed, raising the number of those infected to 20,438.

However, people at different places are trying to take strange measures and trying out weird home remedies to fight the virus.Some of them have no reasonable explanation at all for doing so.

Here's a few of them:

Tara Mantra- According to a post on the website of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), the Dalai Lama has advised his followers to sing Tara Mantra to protect themselves from the virus.

Cow Urine & Dung -One of the most weird' treatment ' recommendations came from the President of Hindu Mahasabha. Swami Chakrapani Maharaj said cow's urine and cow's dung can be used to treat new coronavirus disease. He also said that a special yagna would be performed to "kill the novel coronavirus and put an end to its effects on the world."

Garlic & Onion-The homebrew of garlic cloves boiled in water is being heavily promoted as a social media cure. Then the restaurant owner in Kerala set up a board to say that small onions can prevent coronavirus.

Honeysuckle and Flowering Plants- Chinese scientists have proposed that a liquid made from honeysuckle and flowering plants could battle the virus, causing many people in China to buy traditional medicines.