Solar eclipse begins

The annular solar eclipse began at 8.20 this morning. The December 26 solar eclipse is what is known as an 'annular solar eclipse'. During the solar eclipse, the Moon won't be able to completely cover the Sun and so, the Sun will appear as a 'Ring of Fire'. A disc with its edges illuminated will be seen. The surya grahan will initially be visible most prominently in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka are among places where the solar eclipse will be visible fully.

People thringed planetorium to watch the solar eclipse since morning. In Tamilnadu, Ooty and Dindigul saw the eclipse fully while Kalpetta in Wayanad was identified as the most ideal location to witness the eclipse in its full glory.Temples are closed and will reopen at 2 pm for parihara pooja. People have been asked not to see sun with plain eyes.