Social activist Chandrasekhar took bath on the road, as a part of Protest

A social activist took to the streets protesting the failure of the Tirupur pipeline and drinking water. With the expansion of the Tirupur city roads, the first and second drinking water systems have become the epicenter of the road Pipe breakage is often caused by pressure from heavy vehicles. 

However the local authorities are not actively engaged in the issue. There are many drinking water pipe inspectors in the business, but the issue of pipe breakage remains a constant story.

The activist Chandrasekhar and neighbors have repeatedly informed the Corporation about the pipe breakage. The corporation administration has been silent about not taking any action. In the last few days, millions of liters of drinking water have been wasted in the vicinity of the locality bus stop.

Chandrasekhar got angry due to this water wastage, so took to the streets to bathe in wasted water. This caused quite a stir there. Chandike shekar said that after his struggle with the wastage of millions of liters of water every day, the corporation administration should come forward to fix it.