Snapchat launches Custom Landmarker in Lens Studio

Snapchat has announced the global launch of Custom Landmarkers in Lens Studio. Custom Landmarkers offer creators the opportunity to anchor Lenses to local places they care about and tell richer stories about their communities through AR.

Snapchat marked this launch in India with the introduction of its first-ever Custom Indian Landmarker Lens created for Havmor, a popular ice-cream brand. Custom Landmarkers in AR attractions. 

Landmarks are more than just larger-than-life or iconic structures - they are places of varying shapes and sizes that could have meaning just for you, a group of friends, or a wider community.
AR creators have the opportunity to choose the location where their Custom Landmarker Lens can be activated which offers them the chance to experiment with building hyper-local, location-based AR experiences that are contextual and relevant to communities.