Should Dhoni be blamed for India's loss?

After Team India got defeated by New Zealand in semifinals, a section of fans blamed Dhoni as reason for it. They said that he played slow,l. He did not accelerate. He should have scored fast. There were memes in social media criticizing Dhoni. Many said that he should retire. However genuine cricket-lovers stand behind Dhoni. A cricket coach Kannan, sats, ' Why blame Dhoni when Rohit, Rahul and Kohli failed.

In fact Dhoni took us close to victory. If not for his batting, we would have lost badly'.Prabhu, a cricketer, says, ' Dhoni is still flash behind stumps. He is fit, agile and active. We need his services. He should not retire. He fought hard for victory'.Meanwhile, a CSK fan Babu, says, ' Whatever people say, we love Dhoni. He has given a lot for Indian cricket. We love him a lot. He is captain cool and king Dhoni for us'.