Shocking Report – Salman Khan’s Dabangg 3 made only this much despite Christmas holidays

Bollywood’s reigning superstars always mark festive occasions for their releases as they easily walk away with big profits. However, for Salman Khan, his movies haven’t been performing really good in the recent times. He had pinned all hopes on his recent release Dabangg 3 and even decided to get it released in multiple languages including Tamil. KJR Studios Kotapadi J Rajesh released the movie in  Tamil Nadu. 

While the belief was that the long holiday weekend with Christmas would boost the film’s collection, it is collectively lower than they had imagined. 

  • Friday –  Rs. 24.50 Cr 
  • Saturday – Rs. 24.75 Cr 
  • Sunday – Rs. 31.90 Cr 
  • Monday – Rs. 10.70 Cr 
  • Tuesday – Rs. 12 Cr 
  • Wednesday – Rs. 15.70 Cr 

Total – Rs. 119.55 Cr