Shocking Report – No buyers for Vijay’s Bigil in Kerala due to this reason

Vijay’s Bigil is all set for worldwide release on the festive occasion of this Diwali. Despite the fact that the film’s budget has gone over the line, touching Rs. 180-Cr mark, the producers are confident about spinning up a profitable venture with this film. However, it looks like things aren’t as favourable as they had assumed. If what we hear from the industry sources is believed to be true, the distributors in Kerala are showing no interest over ‘Bigil’ Business. It is because; they have been insisted to take up the film on MG Basis. In case of distributing the film on this basis, it would eventually land the distributors in ultimate loss even the film is a hit. So the buyers are showing no interest and maybe, the producers come up with a different thought on this. Moreover, it’s shocking to see that Kerala being considered as Vijay’s fort is getting this kind of response for the first ever time in a negative way. It is noteworthy that traders are taking the business of Vijay’s Sarkar as well, for the film was sold for a high price, which landed the majority of traders in deep financial issue.