Shankar Birthday Special – 10 Interesting facts about India’s No 1 filmmaker

We are always proud to be a part of Tamil land as some of our iconic filmmakers have managed to carve a niche of excellence on the National panorama. One among them is Shankar, who bridged the gap between South and Bollywood industry. As the filmmaker celebrates his birthday (August 17, 2020), we at Thandora Times bring you 10 special facts about the filmmaker. 

1. Do you know the secret behind the name ‘Shankar’? The director’s mother is a hardcore fan of Late Veteran actor Sivaji Ganesan and his character name in Kungumam was ‘Shankar’. His mother felt this name special and named his son after this. 

2. Shankar is an avid fan of playback singer TMS and mimics his voice exactly while crooning his tracks. 

3. Shankar is a voracious taster of seafood and loves the dishes prepared at Madurai Konar Mess. 

4. He is a fitness freak and never misses to exercise irrespective of his busy schedules. He has a treadmill and few gym equipments to ensure that his health is always at the right meter. 

5. Shankar doesn’t love jewelries, but wears a diamond studded ring gifted by his wife. 

6. It’s not just the heroes in his movies, but Shankar is a strict disciplinarian, when it comes to his personal and professional life. He wouldn’t place his hands on car gear until the green signal is seen in Traffic. 

7. He is a man of punctuality and would be there at the shooting spot sometimes even before the assistant directors. 

8. Assistant directors in the Tamil film industry or any other industry would be paid a daily wages pattern. But it was Shankar, who created a new trend of monthly salary and two wheeler facilities. 

9. He loves wearing various designer wrist watches and ensures that there is not even a single scratch on them. 

10. Shankar’s dream project is ‘Azhagiye Kuyile’. Every time, he decides to make it into a film, a big offer knocks his door, thereby delaying it. Let’s hope he makes it soon and offers us a delighting experience at the earliest.