Santhanam’s double release on this date?

Comedian turned Hero Santhanam has consistently tasted success with his career now. Last year had earned him couple of profitable results through ‘Dhillukku Dhuddu 2’ and ‘A1’. Both these movies performed well in box office, thereby escalating his career graph decently. 2020 has lots of promising projects from the actor that includes ‘Dagaaldi’, ‘Dikkilona’ and few more projects. Meanwhile, his erstwhile movie ‘Server Sundaram’, which has been long pending over its release will finally see the tunnel of light. Yes, it is officially confirmed that the movie will be hitting screens on January 31, 2020. Meanwhile, Santhanam had planned to release his other movie ‘Dagaaldi’ on the same date as well. Now we need to wait and see whether both these movies will have its release on same date or in a week gap.