Rowdy given VIP darshan of Athi Varadar,Did police turn blind eye?

Call it a shocker. A dreaded rowdy Varichur Selvam from Madurai was spotted at Kanchipuram Athi Varadar being given VIP tretment and offered special poojas. Many wonder whether the police turned blind eye and why and how he was allowed inside the temple? Saysa devotee, 'Anyone coming through VIP queue has to come with passes. He or she will be checked by police thoroughly checked by police. Wonder how so many police fail to notice him.

lt was so shocking that he came along with his family'. Selvam was wanted in several cases. He was given so much respect means the improper functioning of police and HR & CE department of the Tamilnadu government. Several Hindu leaders and office-bearers of BJP have condemned the incident. They questioned as to how he was left unnoticed. To allow a rowdy get VIP treatment was really shocking, they add.

There should be proper system and police should be alert and vigilant. Devotees wait in long queues and undergo troubles to worship Athi Varadar, while rowdies get VIP treatment, many worry.