Romantic Tuesday : Silence is love too - romance in Mounam Pesiyadhe

Love is eternal. It is an integral part of Tamil cinema since it's inception. From MKT to Dhanush, love has been narrated in various ways. This Tuesday let's look at romance in a different angle. We focus on Ameer's Mounam Pesiyadhe. Starring Suriya, Trisha, Laila and Nandha, it was a film that made it big for portraying romance in a different light. Suriya plays a tough youth who doesn't believe in flirting but his friend  is a compulsive flirt.

Such a strong individual, Suriya falls  in love with a girl. It is a live untold. But there is a spin off to it. Yuvan Shanakar Raja's music was major highlight. The solid show by Suriya, Trisha and a cameo by Laila made it a big movie. Though Suriya did a few love movies after that, Mounam Pesiyadhe still stands tall in his career. Ameer began his journey which has been successful so far.