Romantic Tuesday : Maniratnam's magical romance

Love can move mountains. Love can reform a man. Romance can change a bad guy to good. This was effectively conveyed in many cinemas. And Tamil cinema never failed to acknowledge the effect of love in changing an individual. In this week's romantic Tuesday, let's take a look at Maniratnam's magic. Love has been told in a refreshing way in all his films. They are narrated in a realistic manner in his works.

Alaipayudhae by Maniratnam was a movie to reckon with in love genre. The debut venture of Madhavan, it spoke of love and post marital romance, it's problems. It oozed with romance all through. The lead pair falls in love, marries against wishes of parents, leads their own life, face problems, see differences and eventually strong bonding of love unites them again. 

Maniratnam's dialogues, strong performance by Madhavan and Shalini and magical music by A R Rahman made it a blockbuster. A biggest blockbuster in romantic genre, it is the dictionary of love movies in Tamil cinema. Maniratnam's magic was all over to see.It was remade in Telugu, Hindi to see huge success. Love has no language.