Republic Day Festival Special Guest Jair Bolsonaro

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who attended the 11th BRICS Summit in Brazil last November, called on President Zaire Bolsenaro of Brazil to be the guest of honor for the Indian Republic Day on 26 January 2020.

This call is regarded as a signal by the Indian Prime Minister that he is committed to developing India into a $ 5 trillion economy by strengthening ties with the world's major economic powers. Recent relationship development with China also shown the same.

Diplomatic relations between India and Brazil were established in 1948. The Indian Embassy in Rio de Janeiro was opened in 1948 and moved to Brazil in 1971. President Bolzano is the fourth Brazilian President to visit India. He was preceded by President Dilma Rousseff (March 2012), President Lula (2004, 2007 and 2008) and President Henry Cardoso (1996).