Recent Valimai update is making Thala fans fall deep into sarrow

Thala Ajith fans who have been yearning for update of the upcoming film, Valimai directed by H. Vinoth has now upseted the fan.Yes, the reason for this tragedy is that Ajith has been injured in the shooting spot.

The filming of the month-long Valimai film has only completed fight sequences and stunts scenes so far, as it was already reported that There were risky shots of the bike chasing scene, and Ajith got hurt while shooting. After the injury Thala Ajith took 20minutes of rest and again went back to the shooting to finish off the shot.

It has been reported Ajith has consulted his family physician and he advised him to retire for a few days. After a few days, Thala Ajith will be joining the shooting again.

During the shooting the stunt master has adviced that he can take use stunt masters because of the risky fighting scenes. Whereas Ajith rejected that and said that "im the one who gets the salary for it, so lets me do my sequence.

Such incidents make us understand that it is okay to celebrate 'Thala Ajith' the selfless person. And fans on social media are currently trending the hashtag #GetWellSoonTHALA.