Ramya Nambeesan’s hard-hitting ‘Red Alert’ movie on Women

Actor Ramya Nambeesan, with her vast experience of acting in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies and secured a special niche.

Being a dual performer as an actor and a singer, she has now ventured into another field – she has directed the short film, ‘unhide’ and has debuted as a director as well!
This short film does not depict any scenes but is with Ramya Nambeesan’s emotional, powerful voice as a ‘3-minutes’ short film! The film depicts about the sexual tortures inflicted on

women! Each word carries a strong impact pointing the gun at the male kind! A sample dialogue directed at men:

‘Bathing in this dress will reveal the breast! Wearing this dress will reveal the legs! Wearing a sari will reveal the waist! When, at last, will you see us a full, thinking, live woman? Clothes are needed to cover the body – what is needed to cover perversion? Or do you want us to hide altogether elsewhere?

‘No.. we won’t hide! If we feel ok, we won’t hide.. we do not hide anything in this room! We neither refuse anything in this room! Even if we do not cover anything, some tend to become beasts here. The nail-marks and the cracks on the skin is not ours! It is only their weakness! Still, if you want to touch, you require my permission for that! You don’t leave the women fully covered with dress… not even the innocent girl children just-born.

If a man has a large chest, pride overtakes him! On the other side, if a woman has a large breast, she is only gripped with fear! Should there be a different approach for different sex even in sex?

Do you think there is no scope for love and affection in sex? Only when love joins sex, it becomes a holy thing! – However, when beastly love joins perversion, it becomes beastly! In a nation which has clearly defined sex, the happenings of a rape every minute in this country are simply not acceptable.

Tell me – how many people have the attitude to sit and talk to the woman sitting opposite just by looking directly at her eyes? Recall – you men talk to your mother and sisters looking eye-to-eye only, no? These mothers and sisters must teach you, men, to look at other women also soft and eye-to-eye! So, the rapes will definitely come down if such mother and sisters care to act!!'