Rajinikanth favourite character impersonation over Thalapathy 64?

Thalapathy 64 title will be announced soon. Then there is no need to call the movie as Thalapathy 64 anymore after 5pm. Already we Thandora Times breaks that the movie title will be Agathiyan or Agasthiyan. Now the close sources of ours said that there is a huge chance for JD as a title. 

Now we have a piece of new information to share with you. Superstar Rajinikanth played the role of a College professor and Rob-B-Hood in Nan Sigappu Manithan. So as same in Thalapathy 64 Vijay hold the character of drunk addicted professor with good heart. 

So lets wait and see what are the next surprises Thalapathy 64 going to bring us.