Rahul Gandhi says intolerance, anger reigning supreme in India

Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who is in Dubai, has said India has witnessed a great deal of intolerance and anger in the last four and a half years which stemmed from the "mentality of the people in power". Interacting with the students at the IMT Dubai University as part of his global outreach programme ahead of the general elections, he said, "Ideas have come to India, they have been shaped by India and India has been shaped by them. Listening to other people is also an idea of India."

Rahul, who is in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the second day of his maiden visit to the country, said India can absorb multiple ideas and does not attempt to force one idea on top of the people. He added: "Tolerance is embedded in our culture and it is quite sad to see what has been going on back home in the last four and a half years. We have seen a lot of intolerance, anger and division between communities. It stems from the mentality of the people who are leading."

Stating that if the leadership is tolerant, it will act in a tolerant way and spread that message, he added: "India is generally tolerant, we tend to listen and need to go back to that." Rahul, who said India is more than a geography, added that it was a particular way of looking at the world. "I don't want to restrict India just to the boundaries of India," he said further. "We don't like an India where journalists are shot, where people are beaten up for what they say. That is something we want to change, that is the challenge in the upcoming elections," the Congress president added.