Rahul Gandhi promises guaranteed minimum income scheme

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said a Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) Scheme would be introduced for the citizens if his party was voted to power in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections. Speaking at an election rally in Nagercoil, he said the Congress was coming out with a concept of GMI scheme for Indian citizens. Explaining about it, he said under the scheme, the union government would decide  a minimum income level and would declare that this was the minimum income of any Indian.

He said truth in the Rafale arcraft deal would take Prime Minister Narendra Modi to jail. "Modi had said that he wanted to be the Chokidar and not the Prime Minister of India. But after sayign this, he had let out several crores of rupees to Anil Ambani." Recalling the couplet of great Tamil poet Saint Thiruvallvuar, he said truth would prevail. "The truth will set you free...but this will not work for Modi and the truth will put the Mr Modi in jail", Rahul said.

He said he has "genuine" affection for Narendra Modi and that is what he tried to show when he hugged the prime minister after watching him become "very angry" in Parliament. Interacting with women students of a city college, he recalled the day he hugged Modi and said he cannot hate him since love "is in the country's grain, every religion, and the Tamil people".