Protest in Karnataka, against Rajinikanth's Darbar

As all the theaters in Tamil Nadu are planning to release only the movie Darbar, so they have postponed the release of other new films.

But there is a problem with the screening of Darbar in Karnataka. Kannada organizations are already objecting to the release of new films in Karnataka which are ready to be produced in languages ​​other than Kannada. In this context, the Kannada organization is fighting against the release of Rajinikanth's Darbar film in Karnataka.

Darbar is available in Tamil, Telugu, malayalam and Hindi. The film is to be released as a live Tamil film in Karnataka. Darbar movie should be released in Karnataka only if it is converted to Kannada language. Otherwise, we will not allow the film to be screened, the Kannada organization said.

All arrangements have been made to screen the Darbar film in Karnataka. More theaters have been set aside for the film.

The distributors are shocked by the fight against the film. Opposition to Rajini's Kala film has already faced this sought of situation. Despite this, the film was screened with the police protection in theaters.