Protest against hike in cement prices by India Cements

Tamil Nadu Ready Mix Concrete Welfare Association staged one day protest recently here near Valluvarkottam in Chennai against hike in cement prices. They have appealed to the Central Government to enlist the cement under essential commodities act and sought intervention in this issue to bring down the price hike immediately and cement need to be supplied to Ready Mix Concrete and Builders under OPC. Association demanded the centre to constitute a regulatory authority body in order to keep a check on the hike in cement price. They alleged that the Elections around the corner, few giant cement manufactures like India cements have raised prices particularly in Tamil Nadu.

Even as the cost of raw materials such as diesel, coal used for manufacturing cement had not increased in last three months, Manufacturers formed a syndicate and unofficially raised its cost from Rs.340/- to Rs.380/- per bag by 11.76 percent. The syndicate has been trying to stop supplies from adjacent states.  This seriously affected the construction industry, contractors and common man. Said Coimbatore contractor’s association.

In a press release, The Association Chief has condemned that the one crore twenty lakh families whose livelihood depend on construction business is badly affected. They have demanded government intervention to contain the soaring price of cement and roll back on price hike. we are planning to take up an issue with National Anti- Profiteering Authority, New Delhi to ensure the hike in cement price under control.