Pongal Flashback – Anbe Sivam special show, ‘blockbuster’ director troll and Sundar C’s daughter school admission

Every time, when the season of Pongal arrives, it turns to be a much exciting phase for the audiences of Tamil cinema to look back into the past scenario of same occasion. In this aspect, there are few films that majorly succeeded, whereas few didn’t manage to make it the expected levels. One among them was Vikram’s Dhool, Kamal Haasan’s Anbe Sivam and Vijay’s Vaseegara hitting screens together. 

It happened that Kamal Haasan had hosted the special screening of Anbe Sivam and invited many from the film fraternity. It includes, the directors of other movies, especially the ‘Blockbuster’ movie filmmaker for same date release as well. Soon after the film’s screening, the particular director overjoyed with the film’s output was very happy that Kamal Haasan-Madhavan-Sundar C combo will not workout commercially. Sundar C, who directed the film was disappointed and seeing this Kamal Haasan advised him saying that this film will gain him respect for years to come. 

Similarly, the film didn’t perform well and the other movie was huge success. However, Sundar C started witnessing the results in public to an unexpected level. While waiting for his daughter’s admission at a reputed school, she didn’t get it despite Sundar C requesting a lot. Suddenly, the school principal recognized that he is director of Anbe Sivam. Immediately, they allotted admission for his daughter in the same school within few minutes.