Police to enquire Bigg Boss Madhumitha today?

There were reports that complaints were lodged with police against Bigg Boss contestant Madhumitha for threatening to end life. Sources confirm that police have taken up the case and that they may enquire her later today on why she attempted to end her life. Meanwhile Vijay TV denied reports that they filed complaint for her threatened them to pay her fee or she would end life.Remember comedianne Madhumitha cut her wrist in the show and the reason was not specified.

The channel did not air the episode in TV. However Kamal Haasan said she has been evicted and even told her to approach thing in a peacefil (Ahimsa) way. Madhumitha was seen wearing a bandage when she appeared before Kamal Haasan on the day. Considered one of the strong contender in the show, her act forced her eviction.