PMK Central Chennai candidate alleges smear campaign against AIADMK alliance

PMK's Central Chennai candidate Sam Paul has alleged that a smear campaign was being done against the AIADMK alliance by the DMK. Speaking to reporters, he said, "Till date i've only invited the opposition for a debate to discuss the issues and difference at a public forum; But the opposition has already been running smear campaigns against me, my family, friends, associates & my colleagues. This is personal attack.It's surprising that the opposition party is encouraging such violation of the Election Model code of conduct.

I assure you that so far i have had no negative habbits, nor such allegations against me, I'm a Teetotaler. Still,here's a copy of an article that appeared in The Hindu about me titled "The Sam Of All Things"( image attached). This story appeared in the 3rd page of Metroplus supplement. It's about my businesses, restaurant chains, Salons, boutiques & gyms. If you notice the image in the article, I am holding a dumbel in my left hand to represent the chain of Gyms I own. The very Same image has been morphed and reposted on Facebook Titled "Trending PMK's drunken drama". The Dumbel is morphed into a liquor bottle.

This is only an instance. One of the channels owned by the opposition party has attempted to defame me personally. Today I reserve my rights to file a complaint. We will file a complaint with election commission. We have also figured out the individual behind the plot. His name is  M.R.Vijay  and is a sympathiser of the opposition & their candidate (Screen shot attached). Such violators shouldn't be encouraged.

We have only been campaigning positively under the concept "MY PEOPLE MY CHENNAI". We refuse to retaliate to such absurdities the same way. There are a lot of history, evidence & issues that we may raise against the opposition;  We have decided stick to our stand on positive campaigning as instructed by the leadership of the party & alliance. Yet the opposition is attempting to malign the sanctity of the process. Starting from the all online polls & surveys including the Hindu polls shows he is out of the race. As though the race is not between him and me. I wanted to bring this to the people. A assure you once again that I have a clean track record & I have no such illegal or negative habbits.

Such Harassments are demotivating youngsters, the educated & the first time voters, fresh candidates to enter politics. Today, we are filing a complaint at the election commission. We are also considering to register a compliant to the Commissioner of Police. The Complaint will be lodged against the Candidate, Shri Dhayanidhimaran of the opposition party."