PM Modi meets a rickshaw worker who calls for daughter's wedding

Mangal Kewat is a rickshaw driver in Prime Minister Modi's Lok Sabha constituency, Varanasi. He hails from the village of Domri adopted by Prime Minister Modi. He sent PM Modi an invitation to his daughter's wedding. The reply came from Prime Minister Modi. In his letter, Prime Minister Modi conveyed his congratulations and blessings to the married woman and her family.

Commenting on the availability of PM Modi's invitation letter, Mangal Kewat said: "I was very surprised and happy. The people in our village told us to call Modi. I sent the wedding invitation to his residence in Delhi and his office in Varanasi.But I din't think the reply will come from him. Once I received the letter, I went to the peak of happiness. I am happy to show PM Modi's letter to my relatives. ”

At this juncture, Prime Minister Modi visited Varanasi and met the rickshaw worker who sent him a letter inviting him to his daughter's wedding. At the time, Mangal Kewat's health and well-being were extended to the family. Prime Minister Modi praised the rickshaw driver Mangal Kavatham's contribution to the Clean India movement. Inspired by Modi's purity India Movement, Mangal Kewat is working on clearing the Ganges river bank in his village.