Pattas Trailer Review

The first word – Pattas is definitely going to be a family entertainer Dhamaka for this festive occasion of Pongal. The 2 minute long trailer ensures that there is plenty for the audiences to have their times celebrated with entertainment. Moreover, filmmaker RS Durai Senthilkumar has evidently come up with a plot that is so much relevant to our terrain of Tamil culture. We can see that Dhanush is playing dual roles as father and son in this movie. By the end of trailer, we are very much assured that it’s going to be a son’s mission of getting his father, the credits for his voracious endeavour and contribution.

Apparently, the surprise twist is that we see ‘Sneha’ is a much promising role than we thought. Our earnest assumptions were that Sneha would be seen in a blink and miss role like in STR’s Silambattam. However, this film is going to be a stronger comeback for the actress.

There are few elements on the flip side, where the artificial beard for Naveen Chandra looks little odd, but his performance is going to be tremendous. Finally, it’s the musical score that brings up more grandeur to the trailer. However, we are little confused why Nasser’s voice says ‘Podra Vediya’, which is actually more related to Diwali. Naturally, the title too holds more relevance to the festival of lights.