Pakistan to pay Chinese victims in terrorist attack

Islamabad: Pakistan has decided to compensate the 36 Chinese nationals, who died and were injured in a terrorist attack last year -- aimed at removing a major irritant in bilateral relations, Express Tribune reported.

A total of 10 Chinese national lost their lives and another 26 were hurt in a suicide attack on a bus that was carrying them to the work site of the Dasu Hydropower Project in July last year. The Pak government has worked out four different compensation amounts ranging from $4.6 million (Rs 810 million) to $20.3 million (Rs 3.6 billion), sources told The Express Tribune.

 Pakistan has decided to make the payment despite there was no legal or contractual obligation on the government, the report said. The Dasu Hydropower Project is funded by the World Bank and does not fall in the scope of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).