Pak PM Imran Khan attacks India in UNGA

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan used the forum of the UN General Assembly to openly appeal to the global Muslim sentiment on the issue of Kashmir as he launched a frontal attack on India, and held out the threat of a conventional war spinning out of control between the two nuclear-armed neighbours.

Addressing the top world body, Imran Khan said: "If a conventional war starts and anything could happen, supposing a country seven times smaller than its neighbour is faced with the choice, either you surrender or you fight for your freedom till death; And I asked myself this question, and my belief is 'La-ilaha-illallah', there is no God but one, and we will fight."

He said when a nuclear armed country "fights to the end, it will have consequences far beyond the borders, it will have consequence for the world". "I am warning you, it is not a threat, it's a fair worry... Where are we headed," he asked, urging the UN to intervene on Kashmir.

He also referred to the Congress in India. "The previous Congress Home Minister gave a statement that in RSS camps, terrorists are being trained, and these terrorists butchered 2,000 Muslims while 150,000 were made homeless," he said.