Paediatric combined live donor liver, kidney transplant done on 12-year-old Benglauru boy

Gleneagles Global Health City (GGHC) today said that it has successfully performed India’s first combined live donor liver and kidney transplant on a 12-year-old who was suffering froma rare genetic disorder--Primary Hyperoxaluria Type-2.

The patient, Anish (name changed), was referred from Bengaluru withrenal failure and had been on dialysis three times a week. Doctors in Bengaluru had diagnosed him with a rare genetic disorder calledPrimary Hyperoxaluria (PH) Type-II, which is a liver condition that resultsin accumulation of oxalate in the kidneys, heart and bones and other organsystems of the body.

As the disease is primarily based in the liver, these patients need combinedliver and kidney transplantation for cure which is a major undertaking,especially in a child.