Oviya's slipper shot for Tamil journalists’ cheap remarks on Nerkonda Paarvai

Actress Oviya has been straightforward and out spoken when it comes to sharing anything. This morning, a particular group of journalists have been sharing negative reviews about Ajith Kumar’s Nerkonda Paarvai. Well, there is freedom of speech in every form, but it must not be hurting anyone’s sentiments, isn’t it? While reviewing the film, they said, “It’s common in Delhi, where girls at the age of 19yrs itself lose their virginity, party and keep sleeping with many men. So the film ‘Pink’ was very well received, but when it comes to Tamil Nadu, this is not the case. Immediately, many from the Tamil film industry and socialite started sharing their criticism on such filthy comments about men. 

Actor Siddarth commented saying, "Let the film fraternity clearly distinguish between journalists with integrity and those who will stoop to any level for clicks. PROs and film makers must blacklist defaulting individuals. Gossip culture cannot be stopped. You can however fight against it. Change the bad habits!

This particular channel has always been desperate, shameless, uneducated and repulsive yellow journalism. To expect standards from people like them is a waste of time. Strip them of their power. Stop calling them journalists. Real journalists must come together and save their industry first.” 

When one of the fans asked Oviya to comment that video, she said, “Paavam virgin uncles!! They must be jealous about something.”