Oops! Comali-Rajinikanth troll: illogical or Time Travel?

The final shot in the trailer has Jayam Ravi waking up from Coma and asking which year is it now and Yogi Babu says, “2016! If you want just check it” and switches on the TV to see Rajinikanth say, “I am embarking on my political journey.” Immediately, Ravi says in shock, “No No! This is 1996 only.”

This was done a satire on actor Rajinikanth, who never misses to make his statements involving political entry often. Of course, everyone is appreciating and at the same time criticizing for using this shot. Even producer Ishari K Ganesh during the press meet had mentioned that he will convince Rajinikanth on this. 

But do you what’s the real big mistake in the trailer? Superstar Rajinikanth actually made the announcement of launching his political party only on December 31, 2017. So, how come Yogi Babu and Jayam Ravi got to know it even before a year? 

Wow! Is Comali a time travel movie director Pradeep Ranganathan????