Only Modi can provide stable and strong govt : EPS

AIADMK joint coordinator and Chief Minister K Palaniswami has said only a stable government under a good leader can provide good governance and ensure security and peace for the 130
crore people. Stating that it is the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi who fit the bill, Palaniswami, while speaking at a election campaign meeting in Salem, said the AIADMK and its allies in unison, pointed to Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister.

He added: "But to this day, the DMK-Congress combine could not even decide who their PM candidate is. The situation in the opposition camp is similar to a headless human body." A human body can be described as a human body only if all the parts find a place, but the DMK-Congress combine does not have a head," he added.

The CM also said: "Security is very important for the nation's growth and development of industries. It is Prime Minister Modi and the BJP that could ensure the nation's security." Calling DMK alliance a ‘selfish alliance’, he questioned, "What did the party do for the people of Tamil Nadu when it was in power at the Centre for nearly 12 years?" Palaniswami said that DMK leader Stalin announced Rahul Gandhi as PM candidate at former CM M Karunanidhi’s statue inauguration, but after a few months, in an Opposition rally in West Bengal, he said that prime minister will ‘arise from Opposition party’ DMK.