One killed in blast in temple pond in Kanchipuram

Reports in a section of press say that a youngster was killed and five injured ins Kanchipuram district on Sunday when an unidentified object they found in a temple pond suddenly blew up, police said. Police, however, said the incident was not connected with the current alert in the state. The incident happened behind the Gangai Amman Koil in Manampathi, near Tiruporur in Kanchipuram district.

The pond, belonging to Gangai Amman Koil in the village, has not been used for many years. A few days ago some residents took the help of a private firm to desilt it. From there, the workers recovered an unidentified object. They tried to open when it blew up, killing a youth named K. Surya and injuring five others, a police official said. They denned any link to terror activity.